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Yes, however it has to be cancel within 24 hours after your order was placed.

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Yes, you have the option to pay with the sezzle payment plan at checkout. Sezzle offers 4 easy interest-free payments.

First, always detangle your hair before wetting it using a wide-tooth comb or wig brush. Just like you would treat your own head of hair, wash it! Washing your hair at least bi-weekly, if not weekly is essential. Oils and dirt cause build-up which can become problematic. Some ladies prefer to co-wash (using only conditioner), which is perfectly fine but remember you still want to use a clarifying shampoo that will remove any debris. If you wash your hair weekly you can switch in between a regular shampoo and co-washing. It is important that you condition your extensions, especially with curly hair. Conditioning helps with detangling, defines curl pattern (if any), and adds moisture to the hair (that was stripped by the clarifying shampoo if you did not co-wash). You must retain moisture in the hair to prevent it from frizzing or tangling. You can opt for a wash and go but it’s better to be safe than sorry. We recommend sitting under a dryer for at least 1 to 2 hours to make sure your entire hair is dry (even the braids). If your braids are not dry you run the risk of having a mildew smell to your hair as well as unsightly molding, which will damage your hair. (If your extensions are not yet installed. Letting your extensions air dry does wonders for them.)

Wearing a satin bonnet/scarf is the best way to protect your hair at night. We recommend you use both the satin scarf and pillow (definitely those who wake up with their scarf on the floor). These satin items help your hair retain moisture and keep your hair soft, silky, and laid. Curly hair has an extra step for nighttime routines, you can also do this for wavy hair to keep the waves defined. Sectioning the hair and braiding/twisting it is essential to maintaining the curl pattern and defining waves. Once you braid it, tie your hair with a satin scarf and you’re ready for bed.

The purpose of wearing a extensions is mostly to give your natural hair a break, so do just that. If you wear your extensions straight, wrap it with a few bobby pins at night to avoid using heat daily, and if you opt for voluminous curls, pin curls are your solution. Only use heat if you must and that goes for your leave out too! You don’t want a crispy, burnt leave out. (trust us, we’ve seen it and ain't nobody got time for that). REMINDER: Always use a heat protectant!

In the case of extensions and products, we do not believe the more the merrier. Using numerous products will leave your strands stringy and greasy and cause build-up.

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